New Feature: Import parent entities when creating sub accounts

Now you can import (optional) all or some parent account profiles and apps into the sub account during creation. This feature will copy all selected parent entities into its sub accounts automatically as shown below.

  "name": "acme.sub.1",
  "plan": { "type": "paidPlanA" },
  "user": { 
    "name": "sub_1 Admin User",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "role": "admin"
  "import": {
    "deviceProfiles": { "type": "all" },
    "appProfiles": { "type": "all" },
    "apps": { 
        "type": "some", 
        "locked": false,
        "refs": [ "_app_125236525845896521" ]

import, import.locked are optional. If type is set to some, refs is mandatory.