New Sections added

We are in the process of adding the following new sections:

New Script Engine

New script engine is a complete rewrite of the previous. It is ~30% faster and supports new/simpler JS syntax. It is also backward compatible.

New Feature: Integrations

We are introducing two new integration with Node-RED and Redash tools. You can see the details for Node-RED here, and for Redash here .

New Feature: Data Connectors

A new sub-entity called DataConnector has been added to Apps. Data Connector sub-entities can be listed, created, modified, and deleted like other sub-entities.

New Feature: Reading/Writing Device Data - Conventional Way

Now you can view device and app property values in conventional object format. See documentation for details.

New Feature: App Scheduled Tasks

A new sub-entity called Taskhas been added to Apps. Task sub-entities can be listed, created, modified, and deleted as shown below:

New Feature: Account context keys can be used for device provisioning

Now it is possible to provide account context keys to devices to allow cross account provisioning. For example, a parent account provisioning key (with account context) can provision sub account devices.

New Feature: Import parent entities when creating sub accounts

Now you can import (optional) all or some parent account profiles and apps into the sub account during creation. This feature will copy all selected parent entities into its sub accounts automatically as shown below.

Welcome to Connio API

Welcome to the developer hub and documentation for Connio API!