Error Handling

You should expect to handle the following status codes to manage your application logic.

Possible Response Status Codes

Status CodeDescription
200OK. Request has succeeded.
202Data write request has been accepted for processing, but the processing will be completed asynchronously. You receive this response code only when writing data to the Connio platform.
400Bad request (e.g. missing a required object attribute).
401Unauthorized. Authentication is possible but has failed or key credentials do not allow this operation.
403Forbidden. The request was a legal request, but the server is refusing to respond to it (e.g. device is disabled).
404Not Found. The requested resource could not be found or provided credentials do not match to any account.
406Data Connector test failed.
409Conflict. The request could not be processed due to domain constraints.
429Too Many Requests. The client has sent too many requests in a given period of time.
500Server Error. Something went wrong in the Connio server while processing the request.
503Not implemented. This feature has not been implemented yet.

Error Response Object

Connio APIs might return multiple errors for a single request. More information about each specific error is included in the body of each response in the following format:

codeError code.
causePlain text explanation of the problem for the developer.
messageUser friendly version of the same error message to be used in web and mobile apps.
moreInfoUrlA link that will take you to the error documentation and community site.
   "code": "ResourceNotFound", 
   "cause": "Resource not found",
   "message": "Requested endpoint is not valid. Make sure that there is no typo in the URL provided. See API documentation for details.",
   "moreInfoUrl": ""