Naming Your Entities

The following rules apply to entity names:

  1. Names are case insensitive, i.e. "WindTurbine.Rotation" will be equal to "windturbine.rotation"
  2. Whitespace is not allowed
  3. Only alphanumeric characters, period “.”, dash “-”, and underscore “_” are allowed
  4. Must start with a letter
  5. Names can be maximum 64 characters long though you should try to keep the values fairly short



Method names cannot contain period “.”

For example the following property names are considered valid:

  • Ambient.Temp
  • Ambient_Temp
  • Ambient.Temp01

The following property names are not valid:

  • Ambient Temp Sensor
  • 0_Ambient.Temp
  • _Ambient.Temp
  • Ambient:Temp:Sensor

For example the following method names are considered valid:

  • convertTempTo_F
  • setDeviceState

The following method names are not valid:

  • convert.Temp.F
  • _setDeviceState