An User instance resource represents a single user entity.



System users are personas who interact with the platform in order to develop an IIoT solution or monitor the system. System users should not be confused with users typically defined by your solution's domain.

Resource Attributes

idA 23 to 26 characters long string that uniquely identifies this user.
accountIdThe unique id of the account that created this user.
emailThe email address of the user. Since emails must be unique across the system, email can be used as entity name in URL paths like .../users/[email protected].
nameFull name of the user.
statusThe status of this user. Can be either invited, confirmed and disabled. Users with invited and disabled status cannot access to the platform.
roleThe role assigned to the user. Can be either admin, user (regular user), power (power user), guest, and custom.
descriptionOptional. Some description about this user.
tagsOptional. The list of the tags associated with the user.
avatarUrlOptional. URL for the avatar image.
timezoneOptional. The time zone for this user in [City] UTC±[hh][mm] format.
localeOptional. Preferred language and locale for this user in [language code]-[country] format.
lockedif locked, entity cannot be modified, deleted.
dateCreatedThe date that this user was created in ISO 8601 format.
dateModifiedThe date that this user was last modified in ISO 8601 format.
  "id": "_usr_587617400839897384",
  "accountId": "_acc_587617399162687551",
  "email": "[email protected]",
  "name": "Michael Stevenson",
  "status": "confirmed",
  "role": "admin",  
  "description": "Account owner",
  "tags": ["r&d", "developer"],
  "avatarUrl": "",
  "timezone": "Vancouver UTC-08:00",
  "locale": "en-ca",
  "dateCreated": "2016-03-21T18:10:52.882Z",
  "dateModified": "2016-03-23T19:32:38.681Z"