Connio is a Cloud based platform for developing effective Industrial Internet of Things solutions. Connio gives you an easy-to-use framework in which to build your IoT solution. It provides a foundation of comprehensive support structures that lets you get started and deliver results quickly.

Connio is short for Connected Industrial Objects. Every physical object or web service connected to the Connio platform is model as an Object with properties for state and methods for behavior as in object-oriented programming.

The power of Connio comes from its flexibility. You can use Connio or expand its capabilities with external services. Its service integration points simplify integrating services from different vendors when you develop IoT solutions. For example, you can use Google's Bigtable service as your data store, Datadog as your device monitoring tool, and Amazon's QuickSight for reporting. Connio acts as the glue that connects these services seamlessly to help you build solutions with the tools you are most familiar with.

Connio comes with 3 pre-defined object types out of the box: device, app, and service. Object types (or profiles), are used as blueprints to create object instances to represent a physical device, a vertical application deployed for a customer, or a web service account like a gmail account.

The next section will explain the entities that make up the Connio framework.

Please note that we are going to use the terms Internet of Things (IoT) and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) interchangeably throughout this document.

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