Device Code Example

This sample python code can be used freely in any device to bidirectionally communicate with the Connio platform.

You can download our sample python code that you can embed into your devices to communicate with the Connio platform securely.


The following example shows how you can connect a device to the platform using provisioning mechanism or directly using device credentials.

Video Tutorial

Connecting your device to the Connio platformConnecting your device to the Connio platform

Step by Step Instructions

In order to use the provisioning mechanism, you need to do the following:

1. Create an App

2. Create an API Client

Create an API Client with App context, and device:read scope to access to the provisioning app

3. Create a custom identifier for your device

4. Link your device to your App

Final step is to link your device to the app that will be used for provisioning purpose.

Access Credentials

In order to use the code, you need to set the following environment variables with your accounts values:





Always use port 8883 in production.

Option 1: Access using device credentials


You can easily access this information on Connio Portal.

Device Cheatsheet PageDevice Cheatsheet Page

Device Cheatsheet Page

Option 2: Access using provisioning mechanism


You can check provisioning key details at API Key Credentials page.

API Key Credentials pageAPI Key Credentials page

API Key Credentials page