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Data Connector Overview

Data Connectors allow developers to stream incoming device data to different backend and data stores without writing any additional code. You can create multiple data connectors within an App to stream incoming data of devices plugged into this App. Currently we limit data connector per App by 10 connectors, in the future we might increase this limit.

Data Connectors are managed under their parent entities (i.e. App) as shown below:

GET .../v3/apps/:ref/dataconnectors
GET .../v3/apps/:ref/dataconnectors/:id
POST .../v3/apps/:ref/dataconnectors/test

// Payload should contain configuration object

// Any response code other than 200 should be considered failure
POST .../v3/apps/:ref/dataconnectors
PUT .../v3/apps/:ref/dataconnectors/:id
DELETE .../v3/apps/:ref/dataconnectors/:id

Data is streamed into data connectors in Data Value format. Single App method can be used to pre-process (i.e. to transform or to filter) incoming data before it is sent to the connector.

For example, you can create a custom object within the data processor method before you write it to your data store.

function preprocessor(value) {
 let myEvent = {
   device_context: value.destination.state,
   event: {
     feed_id: value.feedId,
     event_type: "onPropertyChanged",
     time: value.sourceTime,
     property_new_value: value.value     
 done(null, myEvent);  

Data Connector config object consists of the following common attributes.

Attribute Description
type Connector type (e.g. HTTP, AMQP, etc..)
id App wide unique connector id.
*dataProcessingMethod Optional. Id or name of the App method that will be used for filtering and/or transforming incoming data.
disabled When true data connector stops streaming.

*Note that when you requested the data connector object, the response contains always the dataProcessingMethodId.

Additionally each data connector specifies its own relevant fields. See data connector page for details.

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Data Connector Overview

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