Stationary Device

In this segment we are going to show how to build a comprehensive telemetry solution backend for stationary devices using the Connio platform.

Project Scope

We want to build a backend for a weather station device that collects ambient temperature, and humidity data.

We also like to execute the following operational functions remotely:

  1. set our device's communication frequency;
  2. restart our device;
  3. log device CPU load on the platform.

Finally, we like to send a notification to our technical support team's Slack channel every time the device get disconnected or becomes inactive.

Which Connio Modules will be used


  • Connio Admin Portal account
  • Basic knowledge about MQTT protocol


Task DescriptionDuration (min)Link
Create weather station device profile and our first weather station device~4Video 1
Create another device and assign location to our weather station devices~2.5Video 2
Enable provisioning mechanism for our devices~1.5Video 3
Connect our weather stations to the platform~7Video 4
Create search queries~2.5Video 5
Use alert mechanism for connectivity and activity anomalies~4Video 6
Write device logs to the platform-Coming soon
Create weather station devices in bulk-Coming soon
Use external weather data API to compare device reading with another source-Coming soon
Stream data to external data stores (i.e. PostgreSQL)-Coming soon
Create dashboards on Redash for our solution-Coming soon
Integrate our solution with Node-RED-Coming soon