Stationary Device

In this segment we are going to show how to build a comprehensive telemetry solution backend for stationary devices using the Connio platform.

Project Scope

We want to build a backend for a weather station device that collects ambient temperature, and humidity data.

We also like to execute the following operational functions remotely:

  1. set our device's communication frequency;
  2. restart our device;
  3. log device CPU load on the platform.

Finally, we like to send a notification to our technical support team's Slack channel every time the device get disconnected or becomes inactive.

Which Connio Modules will be used


  • Connio Admin Portal account
  • Basic knowledge about MQTT protocol


Task Description

Duration (min)


Create weather station device profile and our first weather station device


Video 1

Create another device and assign location to our weather station devices


Video 2

Enable provisioning mechanism for our devices


Video 3

Connect our weather stations to the platform


Video 4

Create search queries


Video 5

Use alert mechanism for connectivity and activity anomalies


Video 6

Write device logs to the platform

Coming soon

Create weather station devices in bulk

Coming soon

Use external weather data API to compare device reading with another source

Coming soon

Stream data to external data stores (i.e. PostgreSQL)

Coming soon

Create dashboards on Redash for our solution

Coming soon

Integrate our solution with Node-RED

Coming soon